Letting go with lightness

June 9, 2024

Letting Go With Lightness


Letting go is our ability to release everything that is not right or healthy for the soul. It means not carrying the baggage of the past into the present and future. It is about dropping the burden of our ignorance, pain from past experiences, attachments, expectations, negative habits, limiting or wrong belief systems, negative sanskars and people’s opinions. By letting go of our old ways, we welcome new ways of thinking, behaving, being and becoming. Meditation and connecting with God strengthens the ability to let go. Being aware that I am a soul and not a body or role, makes it easy to live with people and possess things but not get attached to them or fear losing them. We play the role of a trustee, so no one and nothing belongs to us. We understand that people come into our life to live together in harmony and things in possession are to be used with gratitude and care.

We need to let go of our wrong thoughts, beliefs and sanskars. When we recognize the damage they cause, we can finish them. We also let go of expectations with the understanding that people and situations can never be our way owing to difference in our sanskars and karmic accounts. If we do not let go of the pain of our past experiences with people, our present experiences with them will get coloured by the unpleasant past. So, we interact with them each time, perceiving them through the filter of their earlier behaviour. Holding onto unpleasant emotions of past situations deepens emotional wounds. Letting go is like dropping a baggage of negative energies that had become stronger and heavier each day, weighing us down. By letting go of it we travel light carrying only what is useful.

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