Make yourself more creative everyday

November 21, 2023

Make Yourself More Creative Everyday

We wish we had a more creative mind, and the moment our mind pops up a great idea, we wonder why we didn’t think of it earlier. We often find ourselves saying – I’m not a creative person, I cannot think of new ideas… The truth is we all have creative abilities, but not all of us tap into them fully. If we care for our mind the right way, it can flood us with creative ideas and possibilities all the time.

  1. Thoughts are the basis of your words and actions. Creativity implies you develop new ways of thinking, which help you choose right responses – choices, decisions, actions and interactions.
  2. Meditate every morning to silence your mind. Study spiritual knowledge to implant seeds of new ways of thinking, into your subconscious mind. Thereafter your thoughts are created out of your innate wisdom, not external influences.
  3. Whether it is a task on hand, a relationship or a health issue, practice the pause. In every scene, connect with your wisdom to get a perfect response or solution.
  4. The basic energy of creativity is power. When you are creative, you will remain stable even if situations are challenging or people’s behaviors are not right. Even if you react in any scene, reflect and visualize yourself doing it a different way in future.

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