Meet people with a clean slate

September 5, 2023

Meet People With A Clean Slate

If your office colleague made a mistake today, will he repeat it tomorrow? If your family member was rude to you today, will he not change tomorrow? Instead of looking forward to a better tomorrow, do you jump to a negative conclusion – These people will never change! Whether we realize or not, everyone is constantly changing, either for better or worse. This means people who gave us tough times today could leave us feeling pleasant tomorrow. We just need to take care that we change to be better – more accepting, respectful, compassionate. Complaining and criticizing deplete our energy further. Understanding that the other person might have had a bad day today, let’s bless both of us: My next interaction with him will be awesome. Our vibrations uplift us and empower them. Each day is a new beginning; each hour is a fresh start. Let’s meet people with a clean slate each time – deleting unpleasant memories, perceptions and preconceived notions from our mind.

Whether we realize it or not, we are all changing at every moment because of information, because of past experiences or because of our desire to change. We and other people are no longer who we were yesterday, last month or last year. When we delete the past images of people, we perceive them fresh in each meeting. Take a moment to prepare yourself to interact with everyone in a healthy manner today. When you remove the filter of the impression you had created based on your previous meeting, you see people the way they truly are today. You stop referring to the past, so you do not influence the present or future with the energy of the past. By doing this you will heal yourself, heal your relationships and radiate clean vibrations.

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