Should we be emotional or not (part 1)?

September 6, 2023

Should We Be Emotional Or Not (Part 1)?

Living a life full of twists and turns and different scenes, it is very easy to become emotionally attached to scenes happening around you and sometimes become disheartened or sorrowful and sometimes even emotionally joyful. Both are normal emotions. Yes we thought so! What is wrong with experiencing pain when we watch an accident on the road and what is wrong with becoming emotional and crying, when we watch a moving emotion filled movie. How can you take away these two experiences from life? The world told us they are correct. When we grew up, we often cried, sometimes in sorrow and many a times in joy. Did you go to your best friend’s birthday and become excessively emotional and when your younger brother or sister went down with fever, you sometimes cried seeing his or her pain. Our parents taught us this is what life is all about – mixed shades of emotional joy and emotional sorrow make up the painting of life. In fact, we grew up seeing them doing that in their worldly duties and we thought it was correct. Now! Wait a moment! Do I like sitting on this emotional roller-coaster so regularly and so much? How can I free myself?

We all look at life’s scenes with an attitude of receiving or taking something from life. We rarely think of giving to life’s scenes. Take the example of the sun in nature. The quality of the sun is giving, it never seeks to receive or take. And it is a powerful force of nature. Let’s emerge this virtue in ourselves. That will make us emotionally powerful inside and I will be lighter, happier and more contented in life’s different situations. So from today look to give to life’s different scenes and filling them with the primary qualities of life – peace, love and joy. On the other hand, if we are trying to fill ourselves with these qualities by taking them from people and situations, we will become emotionally weak.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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