Should we be emotional or not (part 2)?

September 7, 2023

Should We Be Emotional Or Not (Part 2)?

Continuing from yesterday’s message, emotional power comes from giving and emotional weakness, comes when our primary purpose is to take. When we absorb a lot from life’s scenes and circumstances and also from people’s minds, words and their actions, sometimes we feel it is an empowering experience. But remember, if you absorb the good, you will also absorb the bad because that is what your mindset is. It is like the vacuum cleaner. You clean your carpet with it. It absorbs the dust and if your ring was lying on the carpet, it would suck in that too. Also, giving is receiving. Every positive emotion we give, it is increasing inside us at the same time, as it flows from within us to everyone and everything around us.

Based on this principle, when we look to take from a positive scene, we will feel emotionally joyful and when we are taking from a negative scene, we feel emotionally sorrowful. The more we look to make our emotional world dependent on the external situations or stimulus, the more our responses are under their influence. Being over emotional, whether in joy or in sorrow, is a sign of dependency. That does not mean we become cold and boring and do not enjoy life’s beautiful moments, which it has to offer. Also, we love everyone and are full of sympathy where required. But we are a little detached while viewing life. A spectator in a sports event sits on an emotional roller coaster watching his or her favourite team or player perform, sometimes over happy and sometimes unhappy. A spectator with a spiritual consciousness does not get over-influenced by his or her team’s or player’s performance. They enjoy the victorious moments and view the moments of failure, both without getting moved emotionally. This is not boring, but more empowering. And this applies to all the many other different situations of life.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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