Should we be emotional or not (part 3)?

September 8, 2023

Should We Be Emotional Or Not (Part 3)?

Looking at the world around us, it is an infinite set of people, situations, objects and different types of problems that we face every now and then. Although many people would argue, that being emotional and crying sometimes in happiness and love and sometimes in sorrow and discontentment is natural. Also, letting out your tears for your loved ones in different negative as well as positive situations has existed forever. But this is not true. The inner being or soul has come down the steps of births and rebirths and become weaker over a period of time. The soul is powerful when it begins to play its part in the world and is not so attached to everything around it. As a result, it is lesser emotional but more happier. Strange as it may sound, as it became weaker, it became more emotional and less happier.

The key to freeing yourself is first the acceptance that to be over emotional is not exactly being free, which we have explained in the last two days’ messages. The next step is to achieve freedom by changing your consciousness. Create positive affirmations and keep them in your mind the entire day and bring them into your actions. A simple e.g. I am a being of light, a spiritual energy full of power. I look through the windows of my eyes at everything around me. I radiate spiritual power and joy to every scene, every person, every object. I am no longer dependent on receiving their energy and becoming fulfilled. I am a soul full of all attainments. Another e.g. I am a soul, full of immense love. I love everyone and everything with a big heart, but I am not attached. So I am never hurt in love. I am a pillar of strength in providing positivity to every negative situation of life. So I do not feel hurt in sorrow and rejection also.

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