Stability in appreciation and criticism

December 10, 2023

Stability In Appreciation And Criticism


If appreciation boosts our ego, we are sure to get upset when criticized. Spiritual wisdom teaches us to simply focus on our actions without getting affected by appreciation or criticism. 

  1. Check your first reaction to any feedback: Do you get fascinated by praise? And do you defend yourself or react back when you are criticized? If so, practice taking a pause the next time to choose a response of stability.
  2. Remain humble, with a consciousness of being an instrument of God – emotionally detached yet involved. Go into your field of action understanding that everybody’s opinion is different.
  3. Practice remaining untouched by appreciation. The praise is after all their perception, their pure intention and a reflection of their generosity. Thank the other person, surrender the praise to God and be grateful for being used as an instrument in the positive action. 
  4. Remaining stable in appreciation helps you handle criticism with dignity. A person criticizing you is portraying his perception, mood and personality. Detach from the emotional energy attached to it, judge the feedback and see if you need to do something. Otherwise ignore it completely, let go and remain stable. Respect yourself and them.

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