The 5 qualifications of deities or devi devtas

June 15, 2024

The 5 Qualifications Of Deities Or Devi Devtas

God is transforming human beings into deities or devi devtas in the present Sangamyug (Confluence Age), which exists in the end of Kaliyug (Iron Age) and before the beginning of Satyug (Golden Age), between the night of humanity and the day of humanity. There are 5 main qualifications of devi devtas, which we need to imbibe at the present moment by listening to God’s spiritual wisdom and remembering Him in meditation. 

  1. 16 Kala Sampuran – This refers to the perfection of the soul and is compared to the full moon. This perfection comes when the 7 primary virtues of the soul – peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and truth are in its complete state or 100% full in the soul. When the kalas start reducing as we go through birth and rebirth, the 7 virtues become lower than 100% and the soul’s perfection is compared to a slightly lesser than full moon, as sometimes we see in the sky. In the 16 kala sampan state in Satyug, all physical and non-physical skills exist inside the soul in their complete state. As the perfection and kalas reduce, skills also reduce. 16 kala can also be related with 16 aana, which means 1 rupee, which means 100 paise. 
  2. Sarv Gun Sampan – This refers to the 36 divine qualities. All 36 divine qualities are in their complete state in the beginning of Satyug, when the soul is 100% pure and reduce as we go through birth and rebirth. 
  3. Sampuran Nirvikari – This refers to complete purity in thoughts, words and actions, which exists in the beginning of Satyug, when the soul is 100% pure and reduces as we go through birth and rebirth. 
  4. Maryada Purushotam – This means the perfect person who follows all noble principles of life. All devi devtas are maryada purushotam.
  5. Ahinsa Parmodharam This means the one who follows the spiritual religion of complete ahinsa or non-violence and is free from the double hinsa or violence of lust and anger. All devi devtas are double ahinsak.

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