The spiritual significance of ganesh chaturthi (part 2)

September 20, 2023

The Spiritual Significance Of Ganesh Chaturthi (Part 2)

Yesterday we explored the true meaning of the birth of Sri Ganesh. Sri Shankar Ji cut the child’s head and placed the head of an elephant on his body, which symbolizes that The Supreme Father finishes our head of ego and replaces it with a head of wisdom.

  1. The large forehead of Sri Ganesh signifies wisdom. When we study the spiritual knowledge given by the Supreme Father and inculcate it in our every thought, word and action, we become full of wisdom.
  2. Broad ears shaped like sieves (filters) mean that we consume only that which is good in every person and situation. Imbibing pure information keeps the mind clean.
  3. Small eyes are symbolic of farsightedness, which means see the future result of each karma, before we do the karma today.
  4. A small mouth of Sri Ganesh is a reminder for us to speak less and each word should be a blessing for our self and others.
  5. The trunk is powerful enough to uproot trees and soft enough to pick a child. This means we need to be soft and strong emotionally. We need to keep a balance of love and law while performing our responsibilities.
  6. Sri Ganesh is shown with only one tusk. It signifies that we should not be caught into dualities of likes and dislikes, pleasure and pain, pleasant and unpleasant, good and bad. We have to overcome these and develop contentment and remain peaceful in all circumstances.

(To be continued tomorrow …)

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