The spiritual significance of ganesh chaturthi (part 3)

September 21, 2023

The Spiritual Significance Of Ganesh Chaturthi (Part 3)

  1. The large stomach of Sri Ganesh represents the power to accommodate. We should not talk to others about people’s weaknesses and their incorrect actions.
  2. An axe, rope and lotus are shown in Sri Ganesh’s hands and his one hand is giving blessings. Axe represents the power to cut negative habits. Rope is symbolic of remaining tied to the discipline of a pure lifestyle. Lotus life means living in the muddy surroundings but untouched and pure. The hand of blessings means irrespective of how others behave, our thoughts and words for them should only be a blessing.
  3. He is shown sitting with one leg touching the ground and other folded. This is a reminder for us to remain grounded and humble. To be in the world and yet detached from it.
  4. The modak placed in one of his hands represents success as a result of hard work. But he is never shown eating it, which means achieve success but don’t take credit for it. Modak also symbolizes unity and co-operation since all 5 fingers are needed to make a modak.
  5. The mouse which is shown close to Sri Ganesh’s feet symbolizes victory over vices and desires. Just as a mouse quietly enters a house even through a tiny hole, vices enter a soul who is not alert. When we imbibe all the qualities of Sri Ganesh, we will overpower our vices and desires.

When we start experiencing and expressing the divine qualities as symbolized by Sri Ganesh in our every thought, word and action, our obstacles get destroyed and we enjoy purity, peace and prosperity at every step in our lives.

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