The three mirrors for inner beauty (part 3)

September 27, 2023

The Three Mirrors For Inner Beauty (Part 3)

In the last two days’ messages, we have explained the first mirror for inner beauty – the mirror of spiritual knowledge.

The second mirror is the mirror of meditation – In the silence of meditation which is a connection or the experience of a relationship with the inner self and the Supreme Soul, each day you come close to and go deeper into both of them. When you create positive and powerful thoughts about the self and you also visualize your true spiritual self, you feel and experience your true virtuous being, what you are – radiant and free of all influences. That experience helps you to see yourself as you really and originally are and in contrast to how you are now. Perhaps you feel peaceless, disturbed and are in pain today, but by creating thoughts of peace and contentment in meditation you quickly realize that in reality positivity and strength is your true nature. In that way, it serves as a mirror for self realization and checking and changing. When you visualize the Supreme Soul during meditation and experience His virtues, it helps you to see and quickly realize yourself in contrast to Him and make the required changes in yourself because the child should reflect the qualities of the Father.

So a good practice then is to look into this mirror and check yourself once in the morning before the day’s activities and once before sleeping for atleast 15 minutes each time. Also, since this is a very important mirror, it is also extremely important to carry this mirror with you throughout the day and check yourself in it for one minute after every hour. All of us are aware that like an unclean external self is not pleasing to the self and does not create a favorable impression on those who come in contact with us, in the same way that applies to the inner self also. So one minute spent in looking into this mirror every hour, and doing some self-introspection and checking and changing will keep us looking good for the next fifty nine minutes and if we do dirty ourselves internally during those fifty nine minutes, then corrections can be made quickly in the next one minute break.

(To be continued tomorrow ….)

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