The three mirrors for inner beauty (part 4)

September 28, 2023

The Three Mirrors For Inner Beauty (Part 4)

The third mirror is the mirror of your own thoughts, words and actions – What you think and feel about yourself and others is invisible to others and only you know what it is. But you radiate your thoughts, feelings, emotions and attitudes through your facial expressions, your eyes, your words, your body language and your actions when you interact with others. That way your words and your actions act as a mirror in which to see yourself. You achieve this when you are a detached observer and you become aware of your responses and how you express what arises from within you. This awareness of being an observer needs to be maintained throughout the day and by filling a daily chart before sleeping, on any three personality characteristics of your choice. Your main weaknesses and strengths which you want to improve can be included in the chart. You could either evaluate these personality characteristics with a yes (remained free from weakness or increased the strength) or no (did not remain free from weakness or did not increase the strength) or perform a percentage wise evaluation like 50% or 80% for e.g. So it is a good practice to look into this mirror once in the night, before sleeping. This mirror will give you a review of the day that has gone by and make you careful for the next day. The daily chart is very useful for this purpose. Filling a daily chart does not take too much time and is easy to maintain.

Finally and most importantly, always do remember that those who use these three mirrors actively and use them well to ensure that their internal self looks good and beautiful all the time become living mirrors for others. People who come in contact with them are able to see accurately what their own internal self looks like. On seeing how beautiful and perfect they are, other people quickly realize their weaknesses and also take inspiration to become as beautiful, clean and virtuous beings as them.

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