Think of other people only when necessary

June 10, 2024

Think Of Other People Only When Necessary


It is a simple law of science that whoever we think of often, we get connected to them mentally. If we think of someone who is upset, we feel pain. Spiritual wisdom tells us to constantly remember God. When we remember someone, we get connected to their state of mind. We start feeling the same emotion they are feeling – may be stress, fear or anger. 

1. Check if there is someone who lives on your mind on and off. It could be someone you are emotionally attached to, or even someone you don’t like. This means your thoughts reach them, trigger a thought in their mind, and their thoughts reach you back. You’re connected thought-to-thought.

  1. Recall times when you suddenly felt low or uneasy and did not know why. Maybe you remembered someone who was worried or unhappy at that moment. 
  2. Criticizing, hating or fearing people lowers your energy. Suppose your office colleague is not performing well. Suggest improvements to them with dignity. After that don’t think negatively when you think of them or meet them. 
  3. Not just during meditation but throughout the day, even as you carry out all day-to-day activities, remember God to get connected to His frequency. He is the Ocean of peace, love, joy and power. So you will get influenced by His vibrations and start feeling the same.

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