Why do we need spirituality in our lives

September 3, 2023

Why Do We Need Spirituality In Our Lives?

Spirituality is an introduction to the wisdom of the soul, God and different dimensions of our life like what are correct actions and what are wrong ones, how we can make a beautiful destiny for ourselves by the right choice of actions based on beliefs of soul consciousness and how we can make a positive relationship with God a part of our daily lives. Let us explore why we need spirituality in our current lives and how it can make a difference?

  1. We are at a time in the world, when the number of negative situations in our lives are increasing at a fast speed and at the same time our inner resilience or power to face them is reducing because of a decrease in soul power. These two factors are increasing our stress levels and making our lives more and more difficult. Spirituality is the only solution in our lives which can reduce our stress levels and make our lives easier.
  2. Also, as we have been living our lives at a fast pace, the quality of our thoughts, health, wealth, relationships and roles has reduced and we find ourselves in worry and sorrow because all five of these dimensions need our attention again and again. Only listening to spiritual wisdom and practicing meditation can resolve all these dimensions and make them free from all problems.
  3. We are at the present moment, according to the wisdom of the eternal World Drama given by God, at the very end of our soul journey of many births, when the soul, after a long journey, has lost its wisdom, qualities, powers and skills and is no longer very pure, positive and powerful. By connecting to God, we can fill ourselves with all of these and begin a new journey of many births again, after returning to the soul world for a short period of time.
  4. Today, we have become so attached to our physical identity, that weaknesses like lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego, jealousy, hatred and fear have become our natural nature. Also, we have lost our inner connection with the spiritual self and with God – the Supreme Soul. Only spirituality can clean the soul and make it free of all these spiritual ailments or illnesses.

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