19th Jul – Soul Sustenance

Release Your Expectations

You always assisted a colleague to finish his project in time, but the one time you asked him for a favour, he refused. You reached home tired and expected your young child to behave well, but he threw tantrums the entire evening. Are these situations familiar or have you been in similar situations and wondered Why can’t people meet simple expectations? Why can’t they be my way? Our habits, personalities, perspectives, choices and priorities are different. So we cannot always act in the same way as others, irrespective of our authority, role or responsibility. It also doesn’t matter how simple and right our expectation is. Release expectations from everyone – family, friends, colleagues, society…. Let us be our way, accepting everyone as they are. We accept, advise, instruct and share opinion respectfully, but not get upset if people don’t meet our expectations. Let us drop from the belief expectations are normal and experiment with acceptance is normal. It helps us remain emotionally stable in every situation and have harmonious relationships.

No two individuals can think, speak or behave identically. Yet we routinely wonder – How can he be like this? or Why did she say that? The load of such futile thoughts and expectations block our energy of love and peace. Let us remember that our state of mind has no connection with anyone or anything outside of us. Sit back and program your thoughts and feelings about other people. Do not succumb, do not hit back, do not expect, do not blame, do not complain. You take charge of your inner state and choose your response. You come out of impulsive, auto-pilot reactions to people’s behaviors. Your acceptance that people are different, sustains your happiness and influences them positively.