27th sep soul sustenance

Invoke The Divinity Of Navratri Within (Part 2)

  1. The diya reminds us that the body is made from physical elements and I the soul is spiritual light. Lighting the diya means awareness of being a soul and leaving ego of all that we have acquired physically – body, wealth, relationships, roles etc.
  1. Upvaas or fasting is up-vaas meaning to stay connected with God, who stays above in the soul world, and be close to Him. With the strength of this connection, we pledge that we will not use vices in any thoughts, words and actions and never radiate negativity to others. This is a permanent fast we keep in our lives.
  1. Satvik Food and Purity – Everything we see, read, listen, speak, eat and drink should be full of high spiritual energy to increase purity of soul and body.
  1. Jagran – Darkness symbolizes absence of the light of values, ignorance of what is right and wrong. Jagran means awakening to a new way of thinking and living, based on true spiritual wisdom shared by God and imbibed in life.
  1. Raas or Garba dance – A form of dance where each person has to co-ordinate their steps in harmony with the next person’s steps. If any step is missed, the dance gets spoilt and it can cause injury. This symbolizes our relationships, in which we adjust according to the other’s sanskars, which is also called Sanskaron ki Raas. If we adjust and tolerate, life will be a happy dance, else it can turn into conflicts.


17th may 2024 soul sustenance telugu

కోల్పోయిన స్వర్గాన్ని తిరిగి పొందడం (పార్ట్ 1)

వివిధ దేశాలు, మతాలకు చెందిన వివిధ రకాల వ్యక్తులతో నిండిన ప్రపంచంలో మనం జీవిస్తున్నాము. మనమందరం మన కోసం ఎటువంటి దుఃఖం, అశాంతి లేని ఒక మంచి అస్తిత్వాన్ని సృష్టించుకోవాలని ఆకాంక్షిస్తున్నాము. మనమందరం ఐక్యంగా

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