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Experiencing Spiritual Benefits During Fasting

Spiritual Message On Ramzan Or Ramadan – March 23rd to April 21st

We are presently in the month of Ramzan or Ramadan, in which brothers and sisters of the Islam religion fast from sunrise to sunset each day for 30 days. Eid al-Fitr is celebrated on the day after the month of Ramzan gets over. Almost all different faiths and religions in the world teach fasting as a method of spiritual upliftment. Most of us today find ourselves saying that we cannot live without mobiles, the internet, costly cars and watches, good clothes and food, an AC, tea and coffee, smoking and drinking etc. At such times, these days of fasting make us aware of our own mental strength, will power and determination which we are not using. Fasting creates a disciplined routine and inner self-control which takes us on a path of higher consciousness and spiritual awareness. The discipline of fasting teaches us that once we create a powerful and determined thought, nothing is impossible. As we practice fasting on a physical level, we can also do it on a mental and emotional level. It is only a decision, which we can take internally. We can decide that for the entire period of fasting and even after that, we will choose peace and compassion instead of anger, love and cooperation instead of hatred, humility and kindness instead of ego etc. in every situation and with every person.In every faith whenever fasting is practiced, the fast is not just purely for a few minutes or hours but for a few days or even a few weeks, because it takes time to realize, appreciate and sustain changes at a deep-rooted level. During any fast it is important to give attention to our inner intention – why are we fasting? Are we doing it because our religion says we must do it or everyone is doing it so we must also do it or because we have been doing it every year or to please God or if we don’t do it we will be punished. If it is any of these or similar intentions, then pause and consciously change the intention to a higher purpose. We are doing it so that it gives us the strength to connect to God, and to clean our self of our weaknesses and vices. If we are holding any hurt or negative feelings for anyone, now is the time to forgive. Forgiveness is the message of every religion. So let us follow our religion and give this gift of forgiveness to God, which will create love and unity in our community and in the world. Let us not just cleanse our body but cleanse our mind also. Religion gave us the tradition of fasting, so that it comes as a reminder for us to take out time for soul cleansing.

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