Don't withdraw from people over differences

May 28, 2024

Don’t Withdraw From People Over Differences


A huge reason for relationships being fragile, is that we are becoming increasingly selective about the people we want to be with. If someone’s behaviour feels uncomfortable, we are withdrawing instead of adjusting or helping them. This habit blocks our love, sharing and caring. Not too long ago, we had a culture of joint families, with 20-25 members across three to four generations living under one roof and getting along. When differences in our natures, values and habits came up, we adapted. Today, we tend to withdraw from people, over minor differences. 

  1. Meditate and study spiritual knowledge daily to empower yourself and increase self-respect. By doing that, accepting others and adapting to different personalities becomes easy. 
  2. When someone’s behaviour is uncomfortable, understand their nature and the pain behind their act. People do not intentionally want to hurt or manipulate you. They are victims of their habits, perceptions and beliefs. Understanding is empathy. 
  3. Even if you create hurt, counsel your mind – It is their nature. What is natural for me, is right now difficult for them. I delete the past. I heal them and our relationship. This is compassion.
  4. With empathy and compassion, you create pure thoughts for them. There will be no margin for withdrawing. You will make every effort to accept and be with them.

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