Experience happiness in thoughts, not things

January 9, 2024

Experience Happiness In Thoughts, Not Things


Our society made us believe that having things makes us happy… and having more things makes us happier. All products and services that we saw promised us happiness. We started buying everything for happiness – homes, vehicles, gadgets, expensive watches, branded clothes … but realized they weren’t the answer. We felt good but when their higher/bigger versions became available, we wanted to own those. So we became unhappy again. Truth is that happiness comes from thoughts, not things. On buying a phone we think: Wow! Now I have the phone I always wanted, this is so feature-rich. These good thoughts (not the phone) create happiness. Someone having a basic feature phone will be happy if his thoughts are nice. Someone having the latest most expensive phone in the market will be miserable if his thoughts are of stress, greed, jealousy or anger. Creating right thoughts generate a comfortable feeling which is happiness. Happiness becomes a constant feeling if we think correctly in every situation.

Our deep belief system is that we will be happy, when we have what we want. Objects are physical and are important for physical comfort. Let us prepare our self to be emotionally comfortable today. Sit back and visualize yourself happy independent of the things you use. Your house, your vehicle, your phone … the list is long of all that we use in a day. Take care today that your emotional comfort of happiness is not dependent on the objects for physical comfort. Be stable and calm while you are using the object. Remember that you control the object; the object does not control your mind. Pause a few times in the day and repeat the affirmation I am happy while I am using all I have.

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