Filling yourself with all qualities and powers

March 10, 2024

Filling Yourself With All Qualities And Powers


Innate or basic characteristics are properties that are unchangeable. It’s impossible to take the heat out of the sun or sweetness out of sugar. Heat and sweetness are part of the unchanging make-up of the sun and sugar respectively; they are the basic properties of each of them respectively. In the same way, in spite of whatever I have become as a human soul, my deep basic characteristics are still the same ones that have always existed in me. It’s my inner core of qualities that in fact inspires me to seek perfection in goodness in whatever I do and whomever I interact with. 

The innate 7 virtues of the soul are those that are the most basic: Peace, Joy, Love, Bliss, Purity, Power and Truth. They are so basic that they themselves are the foundation of all qualities and powers. The 7 virtues are like primary colors and all qualities and powers are secondary colors. Just as orange (a secondary color) is made of red and yellow (both primary colors) and green (a secondary color) is made of yellow and blue (both primary colors), all qualities such as patience, sweetness, contentment, humility etc. and all powers such as power to tolerate, power to face, power to pack up, power to co-operate etc. are obtained by mixing the basic virtues e.g. 

Patience – peace and power

Humility – love and truth

Power to face – power and truth

Power to co-operate – love and joy

The aim of meditation is to emerge and increase my 7 virtues so that I become full of all qualities and powers.

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