Freedom from guilt

January 16, 2024

Freedom From Guilt


We often find it easy to forgive people for their mistakes. But if we made the same mistake, we create guilt and are harsh with ourselves. Guilt can become a constant source of hurt. Condemning ourselves over and over depletes us, and we may not have the strength to reflect, correct and move forward.

Take this moment and see how you overcome guilt by accepting yourself and moving towards change. 


I am a loveful being.  I am kind with myself. I always radiate happiness to my mind and body. Even if I make a mistake or have a unhealthy habit, I accept it…. I understand I have carried that habit…I understand the mistake that happened… it was a karmic account…it was meant to be. I accept it… I apologize to whoever it has cause inconvenience. I now focus on what to do next. I do not create guilt… I understand that I had done my best at that moment…I acted as per my habits…experience and circumstances at the time. I continue to love myself… I approve of myself…I trust my ability to correct myself…I realize and move towards transformation… past has passed…it is over… I don’t waste time condemning myself… I am never harsh with myself or behave in a negative manner. I remain aware and attentive… I focus time and energy on what is to be done now… I conserve energy and strengthen myself to change. I think ways to correct myself or the situation… and I bring about the correction. I am determined to not repeat it next time. I move forward in a positive way.

Repeat this affirmation a few times to not get stuck in guilt and shame. Start using mistakes as an opportunity to correct yourself or the situation.

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