How to keep a daily chart for spiritual progress?

March 31, 2024

How To Keep A Daily Chart For Spiritual Progress?


Self checking at the end of the day is extremely important for our spiritual progress and development. A useful practice in this regard is keeping a daily chart for 2-3 personality points and filling it up every night. You could either check yourself with a yes or no or perform a percentage wise checking like 50% or 90% for e.g. We have mentioned below, some of the common points from which you could select to keep a daily chart.

In the entire day, today; not only in my words and actions, but also in my thoughts:

1. Did I see everyone’s specialties and keep good feelings and good wishes for each one, inspite of obvious weaknesses being visible?
2. Did I remain free from all forms of anger, like irritation, frustration, grudge, revenge, etc.?
3. Did I ensure that I neither give nor take sorrow, hurt or pain from anyone?
4. Did I remain free from negative and waste?
5. Did I remain egoless or humble?
6. Did I remain untouched by name, fame, praise and insult?
7. Did I remain stable and untouched by changes in life?
8. Did I remain free from judgments, criticism, jealousy, comparison, hatred, etc.?
9. Did I keep a consciousness of serving each one whom I met?
10. Did I bring the 8 main powers into practice and experience being powerful?
11. Did I remain in self-respect and give respect to everyone?
12. Did I practice being soul-conscious in actions and interactions?
13. Did I take a one minute break every hour to reflect, meditate and control the traffic of thoughts in my mind?

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