India – the golden sparrow of the world

October 20, 2023


India – The Golden Sparrow Of The World

India is an ancient country in the world with a very rich heritage. It was known as the Golden Sparrow of the World. It is a beautiful country and is considered a very important land of spirituality and devotion. India gave the world the purest deities or devi devtas who are worshipped even till now; famous and noble personalities in different spheres; spiritual wisdom of the soul, God and the World Drama and very importantly immense love for God. God is remembered as the Supreme Father and Mother in prayers in India. At the end of Kaliyug or the Iron Age, which is the present time, God or the Incorporeal (non-physical) Supreme Soul performs His task of world transformation and makes India the Golden Sparrow of the World again, a world of pure and virtuous deities, which is also called Satyug or the Golden Age. Let’s look at 5 ways in which we can help God in this task –

  1. Remembering God in meditation and radiating pure vibrations to the world.
  2. Listening to God’s spiritual wisdom and making the mind and intellect positive.
  3. Creating a pure, peaceful, loveful and joyful atmosphere in our homes, offices and in the world.
  4. Making our each thought, habit, word and action beautiful, sweet and humble.
  5. Sharing spiritual wisdom received from God, with others we meet and talk to.

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