The positive energy of blessings (part 6)

The Positive Energy Of Blessings (Part 6)

Service In Thoughts, Words And Actions

Service, which means to serve others, is our nature. When we hear or read about people who are in pain and suffering across the world, we help them physically and financially. But we can help only some people and at some time, that way. Our help cannot reach all the people every time. There are different types of service –

  1. Service through actions – Contributing our time, skills and talents for the benefit of others or financial contributions is service in action.
  2. Service through words – Sharing spiritual wisdom, knowledge or experiences and advice is serving through words.
  3. Service through thoughts – When praying, meditating or remembering God in any other way, consciously radiating vibrations of peace, love and happiness to people and to the world is serving through thoughts. Just by living peace, love and happiness, our vibrations are radiating into the world every moment, even when we are asleep. This service can be done always and can reach out to everyone.

To send pure vibrations or blessings, we could set aside a few minutes every morning or do it any time during the day – even while cooking, driving or walking. We can first choose the person and purpose for sending our blessings. It could be for a family member who is in pain, for a neighbour, for a stranger about whom we heard or saw, for a city or for an entire country which is going through a crisis or for the world. There is no limit on the number of people we can bless and heal. That is the power we have. We can send blessings either individually or in groups. We can do it as a family, children can do it during their school prayers, or groups of friends or office colleagues can do with each other. Collective vibrations raise the power and results are faster.

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