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Begin A Beautiful New Journey With God (Part 1)

Anyone who shows an inclination in getting to know the Supreme Being closely has a fascinating journey in front of them. Spiritual wisdom is the vehicle in which I make this extremely interesting journey full of spiritual exploration. Without sitting in this vehicle, I cannot make the journey. As I sit in this vehicle, I am introduced to a new, beautiful, peaceful, loveful and blissful personality in my life, a personality who is spiritually rich with treasures of wisdom, qualities, powers, happiness and blessings, a personality commonly called God, by everyone.
He is a personality who introduces himself as being just a point of conscient light, a form very simple and plain. Yet, hidden beneath that simple light, incognito form is an immense volume of experience, wisdom and depth, such that even a lifetime spent in this spiritual journey, in His company, does not bring you to knowing Him completely. The more you dive deep into the ocean of wisdom contained within the light, the more you discover and the more treasures of wisdom and experiences you receive. Every time you connect with this new found companion called God, there is spiritual growth inside you and there is an increase of peace, love, happiness and power inside you. It’s just as if after you’ve begun this journey, you’re never quite the same again. However much time you spend in His company during the journey, whether it be in imbibing wisdom from Him or remembering Him during meditation or even sharing the benefits of this journey to other friends and relatives so that they can also start this journey themselves and experience what you are experiencing; whether you do either of these for a few minutes or an hour, there’s always an experience of subtle spiritual growth and development inside you. 

(To be continued tomorrow…)

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