Soul sustenence eng 25th mar 23

Stop Doubting People, Start Trusting Them

Few of us have a subtle habit of doubting people in our relationships. Sometimes our doubts about someone are more to do with our habit and less to do with them. Our unhealthy doubts, insecurities, fears and anxieties will not only push away our peace, but also will push that person away from us.

  1. Do you naturally feel like trusting someone and be able to believe them always? Yet, do you find one reason or the other to doubt their intention, ability or capacity? Have you sensed how that element of doubt shakes the very foundation of your relationship?
  2. Any relationship is built on trust. Sometimes we claim to trust a person but we have our own doubts. This energy suffocates the bond we share as the energy of suspicion blocks the mutual respect, acceptance and love from flowing.
  3. People carry different personalities and different behaviors, so they cannot always be our way. But our trust should be independent of what people do or how they behave. Even if they are wrong, let us trust them unconditionally because it empowers them to do things right.
  4. Send a powerful message to yourself and to people, that you trust them completely. Remind yourself – Trust is my innate nature. Trusting everyone makes me comfortable and makes people trustworthy.

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