28th april soul sustenance english

A Vision Of Goodness For Everyone (Part 3)

Everyday, when you begin performing actions, watch everyone with goodness in your eyes and heart. Tell yourself and visualize how God is looking at each one in the world. Always bring in front of your eyes, God’s love and good wishes for that particular person, who is in front of you, that particular person who is sometimes not very well-behaved and possesses a negative nature. You find it difficult to interact comfortably and peacefully with him or her. Now keeping this positive wisdom in your mind, create a positive attitude for the person. Now based on that attitude, keep a positive vision for the other person. The more your vision remains positive, the more your words and actions will become beautiful and positive towards the other person. And the more your words and actions are pure and nice, the more the person will change as you want, into a nice person. This is the secret for changing a person from not so nice into nice. Our consciousness influences our attitude; our attitude influences our vision; our vision influences our words and actions. All of them together radiate the positive energy of goodness to the other person. This positive energy transforms the other person’s nature positively. This process is called world transformation through self transformation or the other’s transformation through my transformation.

So, we live in a world, where sometimes we will see the negative in people, whether at home or in our workplace or in our society. Also, sometimes we will perceive people to be bad, although they are not. But take care that you don’t ever leave your goodness. God sees so much negativity in the entire world but He never leaves His vision of goodness for everyone. He uses the wisdom of human souls that He possesses, the wisdom that everyone was pure and positive when they came into this world and lost their goodness over many births; to keep His vision positive and also keeps good wishes of change for everyone. So be good, see good and make others good with that vision of goodness. Don’t leave your goodness in the ocean of imperfections that surrounds you in the entire world.

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