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5 Steps For A Beautiful Life With Yoga

  1. Begin Your Day With Yoga With The Highest Source – The morning hours are the most important hours of the day when nature is pure and there are pure vibrations in the entire universe. At this time, wake up fresh and connect for 15 minutes with God – the Highest Source. Fill yourself with all His beautiful qualities and powers.
  2. Perform Physical Yoga And Breathe Beautiful Air – For a beautiful and healthy mind and body, exercise your body or take a walk for a few minutes and fill your body with pure and clean oxygen. This is physical yoga for overall well-being. Radiate pure vibrations of God to every organ of your body and nature.
  3. Get Ready And Have Yoga With God’s Beautiful Wisdom – After the early morning yogas, read or listen to the magical words of wisdom of God for another 15 minutes. Go into the depth of every word and absorb its essence and experience every word very deeply. This wisdom yoga will fill you with strength, bliss and love.
  4. Have Yoga With Your Spiritual Self In The Day – As you have each meal and fruits and drink water, juice, tea or coffee and also once every hour, go inwards for a few seconds and have an inner yoga with your mind, intellect and sanskars. Create peace, purity and positivity in all three of them and empower yourself for action.
  5. End The Day With A Conversation Yoga With God – At the end of the day, pack up all your thoughts, words and actions of the day and have a deep conversation with God. Share your entire day and everything that happened in the day with Him. Take God’s guidance and go to sleep after absorbing His beautiful vibrations in your heart.

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