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Love Others Without Any Expectations And Conditions

We all want to be very loving towards each other. Love is our inherent nature, our natural state of being. But when we create any other negative emotion for people, our love gets blocked and our relationships get affected negatively. Love means accepting people as they are, caring for their wellbeing, and respecting them no matter how they behave with us. Offering unconditional love is always our choice, it has nothing to do with them. When you remain in constant awareness and connection with your own energy of love, you will experience it in every scene and every interaction with others.

  1. Spiritual wisdom teaches us to love others as much as we love ourselves because each one of us is an embodiment of love. Do you radiate such love to people? Or does it fluctuate as per the other person, as per your convenience or as per your mood?
  2. Love comes naturally to us. We claim to love family and friends unconditionally. But we often block our love intentionally or unaware, each time we create thoughts of judgment, criticism, fear, hurt, anger, comparison, competition or expectations from them.
  3. When we love someone, it means we accept them unconditionally. There are no expectations attached, not even when their words or behavior are not right. Let us hold on to our energy of love and radiate it to people, because our love can heal them and transform them.
  4. Make the foundation of every relationship in your life strong and full of love, which does not change with time, people or situations. Remind yourself regularly – I am a loveful soul. Giving unconditional love to everyone is my natural sanskar. My feelings of love for people are not dependent on their behaviour. I choose to unconditionally love and give happiness to people. I am a source of love for others.

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