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Is Our Destiny Fixed Or Can We Change It?

A very common question that people have asked since thousands of years is that is our destiny already fixed or can we change our destiny? Whenever we face a difficult situation in our lives, we often wonder that is this a result of our past actions and we also think that can the effect of these negative actions of our past births on our present birth be reversed or stopped. So, what should we do and where do we start? First of all, we need to understand very deeply that all human souls have performed some negative actions, along with positive actions, in many of their different births. But a very important point to note is that some souls have performed lesser negative actions, and some have performed more of them. So, as a result, everyone in the world today is facing some or the other negative situation or situations in their lives because of this. There is a common belief in the world that our destiny is created and written by God and everything that is happening in our lives – whether good or bad, is decided by God. But as per spiritual wisdom given by God, this is not a correct belief. God does not decide our life’s circumstances. Whenever anything good happens in our lives, it is always a result of our good actions of our past as well as because of God’s help, which is there in some circumstances, but not in all. On the other hand, whenever anything negative happens in our lives, it is a result of our wrong actions of our past only. God does not punish us for our negative actions.

So, we all have a destiny based on our past actions. But, at the same time there are three ways by which we can change our destiny at the present moment, as per God’s guidance and spiritual wisdom given by Him – 1. Remember God in meditation and listen to His spiritual wisdom, which will purify the soul and clear off the burden of negative past actions from the soul 2. Perform many positive actions that will fill the soul with the seven basic virtues – peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and wisdom and also increase the same virtues in others 3. Remain free from the 5 main vices – lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego and other vices in thoughts, words and actions and lead a pure lifestyle. When we do all these three the soul gets purified and also creates positive sanskars of goodness and giving. These changes inside the soul change its destiny and attract more positive and beautiful situations in its life and change its negative situations to positive ones. They also make its future births full of positivity and success.

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