Allow simplicity to take over your life

December 30, 2023

Allow Simplicity To Take Over Your Life


From time to time, did you find your identity drifting from your true, authentic self, to being what someone else wanted you to be? Were you afraid of being judged, labeled or rejected if you didn’t conform to social influence? When we live to be accepted, appreciated or approved by others, we kill our authenticity. The mind gets cluttered and stressed over other people’s expectations and opinions. Let’s accept and respect ourselves enough, to be and do whatever is comfortable for us. Let’s not lose connection with our own self. We need to have the courage and integrity to think for ourselves, express how we feel, speak what we think, and do what we want. This is simplicity. When we simply our mind, our life becomes simple. Whether it is at home, at work or at a public gathering, define your habits, values, behaviors and stick to them. Remind yourself – Whether it is diet, dressing or living habits, I decide what is right for me. I choose simplicity and authenticity.

Do you believe that somewhere down the line, we have complicated every aspect of our life? Do you wish to go back to simpler times when you led a modest life and found happiness in ordinary moments? Today we say relationships are complicated, jobs are hard, parenting is a challenge, health is deteriorating… The truth is that world is not complicated, our minds are getting complicated due to over thinking, holding on to the past, trying to control what we cannot, reacting impulsively and living in an auto-pilot mode. So, our mind, intellect and body are constantly under stress. We are radiating this stress into the world and consuming back the energies of stress, anger, fear and pain. It’s time for us to simplify our mind, our life and our world. Today, program your mind to release everything that is holding you back from keeping things simple. Allow simplicity to take over. You will realize the immense freedom and joy it brings, to you and to people who live or work with you.

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