Living happiness the right way (part 2)

June 12, 2024

Living Happiness The Right Way (Part 2)


Happiness for some people today is based more on materialism and enjoying different mediums of science and technology in every sphere of life. Do you know that there are two sides to this type of happiness. When the going is good in life i.e. when there are no negative situations in your life, you feel you are on top of the world. Also, when there is even a little negative event like a disturbance at home or a little change in your health or if a friend no longer co-operates and talks well with you, then the same material mediums of science and technology can no longer support you. You feel empty inside. This is a wrong foundation of happiness. On the other hand, true happiness is one which is based on your strengths and qualities and is permanent, even if life presents to you negative events once in a while, which is very common in our present day lives. Try finding one person who has only positive events in their life and you will not find a single person without some problem or the other. 

Also, the world is in a way living on a false belief that happiness is increasing because of scientific advancement or because of better medical facilities or because of more wealth. It seems it is but it is temporary. Aren’t there so many people in the world, in fact a large number of people, who are in pain and unhappy? The richest of people, the most famous of people, the most educated people and the most advanced people are today looking to spiritual wisdom and meditation to get relief from life’s problems. They also want to be free from the pressures that come in many cases, with being rich and famous and also successful in a materialistic way. 

                                              (To be continued tomorrow …)

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