Making the earth beautiful and pure

May 30, 2024

Making The Earth Beautiful And Pure


The Earth is a sacred space given to us by nature to stay on and make beautiful at every step. We radiate the energy from our inner consciousness every second to this planet, on which life exists in its fullest beauty. The higher the quality of our thoughts and feelings, the more we contribute in donating positivity and purity to the Earth. Let us create a few affirmations and remember them again and again everyday for achieving this purpose  –

  1. I am a pure soul with a beautiful mind and heart … I think nice and positive for myself and for everyone and everything around me … My vibrations radiate to every element of nature, every life form and all plants and vegetation … They all become filled with peace, love and happiness …
  2. I am a powerful soul filled with all spiritual powers … I radiate strength to everything on Earth and revive its original richness … Every flower blossoms, every animal feels fulfilled, all mountains and oceans overflow with abundance, every soil particle creates natural beauty …
  3. I connect with God, the spiritual seed of the World Tree … He fills me with all His specialties … I radiate all these specialties through my eyes to everything I see on Earth today … I smile at the Earth and thank it … The Earth smiles back at me and thanks me …
  4. I take every step on Earth today with a positive consciousness of care and concern … My spiritual energy flows to Earth from my feet and feeds the Earth with spiritual sustenance and blessings … The Earth revives again to become as clean, pure and beautiful as it was in the beginning …

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