The divine meaning of dussehra (part 2)

October 24, 2023


The Divine Meaning Of Dussehra (Part 2)

In the Bhagwat Gita, it is said that lust, anger and greed are gates to hell. Thus, the soul under the influence of body consciousness or Ravan divorced itself from Ram, as a result of which it opened the gates of hell for itself and experienced sorrow and pain. Ravan literally means one who makes you cry. Today every soul or Sita trapped in the chains of the five vices, which are the roots of all emotional sufferings, tensions and sorrows; cries out to Ram for liberation.

Ram is just one of the symbolic names of the non-physical Supreme Father of all souls or God, who is eternally bodiless and stays in the soul world or Shantidham, free from the cycle of birth and rebirth and constantly peaceful, pure, blissful and loveful. The whole comparison, in fact, relates to the incarnation of the Supreme Soul or God at the end of Kaliyug in the physical world to free all the Sitas from sorrow. According to His sacred promise, the Supreme Being comes at such an important time of human history when souls have become slaves to impure pleasures and desires and their consciousness has become completely influenced by body consciousness. This time is the present time in the world. He transforms and moulds spiritually weakened souls and purifies their intellects by sharing pure spiritual knowledge with them. He teaches them simple Rajyoga meditation (Rajyoga can be broken up into Raja + yoga which means king of all unions) by which the souls can connect their minds and intellects to Him, who is the Highest One and spiritually empower themselves.

The word Dussehra comes from the word Dasa-Hara, Dasa meaning Ten and Hara meaning destroy. Only when we kill the ten-headed demon of Ravan in our spiritual personality, with the arrow of spiritual knowledge and burn his huge effigy with the divine fire of intense meditation or yoga with the Supreme, only then can we truly celebrate Dussehra and experience permanent joy.

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