Your mind is your inner child

June 22, 2024

Your Mind Is Your Inner Child


The mind is like our child. Even as we go about fulfilling our responsibilities, priority needs to be the well-being of this child within. We need to nourish it, love it and comfort it. People believe they have lost control over their mind and wish to control other people’s minds to feel powerful. Our mind is the only entity in our control. A little attention and love will discipline this inner child.

  1. Like you remain connected to your children always, be connected to your mind and guide it at every step. While fulfilling responsibilities like household work, family, career and health, your priority should be the child within.
  2. This inner child may not be in your control only because it is not taught how to think or how much to think. Meditate and read spiritual messages daily, it becomes a source for the mind to create right thoughts.
  3. While taking care of your responsibilities, the child might start crying – which means it is irritated, angry, jealous, scared or hurt. Withdraw for a minute from whatever you are doing to silence the child. Teach your mind to be powerful when people are not fair to you, to forget the past and to think nice for all.
  4. Discipline this child with love, not force or harshness. When you understand your mind, understanding others becomes simple. While dealing with others, you are dealing with the child within them.

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