Devi Parvati

Power to Withdraw

Embracing “Power to detach” empowers us to approach any situation with faith and inner strength, maintaining control over our solutions. This fosters genuine self-love and affection extending to all

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Essence from the Video

  • Uncover the true essence of “Devi Parvati” which denotes transformation or “Parivartan”.
  • Adapt a witnessing attitude (sakshi bhav) to enhance both “our physical and emotional well-being”. 
  • Adapt deeper understanding of the distinction between love and attachment (moh), with the intention of exploring how to harmoniously incorporate these concepts into our lives to foster personal growth.
  • Gain an insight about the importance of “Meditation”; establishing a connection with the Almighty, and discovering our true selves.

Inspirations for Today

  • By using the power to detach let’s wait and witness the situation instead of reacting to it immediately.
  • Let’s celebrate each win of using power to detach to be an observer by appreciating the self.

We eagerly anticipate our connection tomorrow as we dive deep into another empowering aspect of embodiment. Wishing you a blessed day!

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