Carolin Fraude A spiritual approach to how we live means understanding that our relationship with the world around us – material and non-material – is of central importance. Our priorities, the choices we make, all have consequences for which we

B.K. Usha It is said that knowledge is power. On a spiritual journey, this becomes evident when one faces obstacles as one advances. Those who are ignorant of the likely hurdles on the way lose heart on encountering them, and

B.K. Atam Prakash What is the sign of the high stage of powerful souls by which one can tell that they are not ordinary people? Firstly, such individuals are not perturbed or surprised by anything. They see nothing new in

Eric Le Reste In these days of information overload, with news and other stories constantly coming at us from all directions, it can be hard to find the equilibrium between keeping yourself informed and feeling overwhelmed. As a media professional,

B.K. Jayanti Wherever we look today, we see the breakdown of society, in terms of family life, religion, the environment, the economy and governance. This fragmentation and collapse of our world seems to be deeply connected with a loss of

B.K. Shivani Today we have advanced treatments for diseases, and so many medicines, yet more illnesses and medical complications are emerging. Why? Because of complications in our minds. Our relationships have become complicated for the same reason. When we remove

B.K. Atam Prakash Political leaders, religious figures, and scientists are among those generally regarded as important people. There is another class of persons who are respected, and revered, by even these VIPs. It is those with a pure heart and

B.K. Surya The external form of religion that we get to see – we say, “this person is very religious” – generally indicates that the person is humble, polite, and kind. The other visible form of religion is rituals such