B.K. Shivani When we hear the word ‘change’, where does our attention go? Towards the world outside, other people, or towards the self? Change is happening everywhere – in the world, in the people around you, and within you. Change
B.K. Mohan Singhal It is said that the quality of our life is determined by our mind. It is also said that it is difficult to focus or control the mind. The scriptures tell us that capitulation to the mind
B.K. Geeta Just as it is important to know God, it is important to know the self, the soul. To know means to accept. What happens when we accept ourselves as we are? We become free from the bondage of
Ken O’Donnell The scientific worldview is that there is time, space, matter and energy, and consciousness somehow arises out of those four things. Science does not explain consciousness. Science is created on the basis of consciousness but consciousness is not
BK Dr Savita A physical illness can be diagnosed by feeling the pulse, and similarly the speed of one’s thoughts can be determined from the lines on the forehead. If the speed of thoughts is very fast, if thoughts constantly
BK Jayanti The purpose of relationships is to be able to share love and happiness, but does it happen? When we ask people about the biggest cause of their stress, the answer we get across the world is relationships. Spirituality
We need to conqueror of attachment. Only those who constantly have the one Supreme Being, in their vision can conquer attachment. If you have thoughts such as “this is my relative, my property, my speciality…”, then this “I” and “mine”
Christmas and Easter are the two important festivals in Christianity. Christmas is about the birth of Jesus and Easter is about his death and coming back to life. Eggs being an apt symbol of coming to life celebrating Easter with