Maureen Goodman Our thoughts shape our experience of life, colour our view of the world, and affect our physical health. They also create the atmosphere around us, through our vibrations. We all have experience of the racing mind seemingly running

B.K. Dr. Savita As long as the human soul is in a body, it performs actions, even if it is just thinking or breathing. Each of the body’s organs has a task to perform, which it does naturally. You do

Gayatri Naraine The power to face is a spiritual power. This power connects to the spiritual heart of the soul. When the soul uses this power to face, what is released is courage, clarity, confidence and the capacity of the

Marcelo Bulk We are more likely to remember experiences that caused suffering rather than enjoyment: They leave more of a mark. Yet we all have the key to leaving suffering behind. The more content and fulfilled we are, the more

Dr. Girish Patel Crises are not caused by situations, but by our state of mind. In the face of adverse situations, some people become hopeless and even end their lives, but there are others who are endlessly hopeful. If we

  B.K. Sheilu Many people feel they are powerful, they know their strong points, but success eludes them. They are knowledgeable and have agreeable qualities, such as being loving and peaceful, yet they are not always content. They are also

Ken O’Donnell In our life we learn many things; to walk, to sing, ride a bicycle—but no one ever teaches us how to think. We have to learn that for ourselves. Our teachers and parents probably did not know how

Judy Johnson “Any normal action that takes on a special degree of attention, expression, finesse and value is an art – a high standard of doing things.” Purity magazine, April 2016 Living becomes art when every thought, word and action