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We are spiritual beings undergoing a human experience. Life is a combination of physical energy of matter- the body, and spiritual energy- known as the Soul. Out of the two, ‘I’ am a Soul which is a separate entity operating through this instrument of body, which we refer to as ‘mine’. An eternal, immortal, imperishable energy in the form of a divine point of consciousness or light- I, the soul, am seated inside and at the centre of the forehead. Working through its subtle faculties of Mind, Intellect and Sanskars, it is the soul which does karma. It creates thoughts and feelings using its faculty of Mind, takes decisions and makes a choice using the faculty of Intellect. Karma is done on the basis of this decision. If a specific karma is repeated frequently over a long period of time, then it becomes the Sanskar of the soul and conditions our mind to create more number of thoughts related to that sanskar.

Originally, all of us are knowledge-full, pure, peaceful, loveful, powerful and blissful souls. Knowing this, I can identify that which is not my original sanskar and then remove those layers of weakness and ignorance from within. It enables us to come back to a state of self worth and recognition of our own value. It nourishes and strengthens the mind, filling us with peace and power which leads to better self control that can be easily applied into practice by manifesting it in our words and actions. We also realize that our identity is not very different from that of others’ ie others too are spiritual entities- peaceful, loving and content. Then, the technique of Rajyoga meditation is the experience of the inner self through silence and connection with the supreme source of energy to fulfill our spiritual needs and recharge ourselves.


To know the self is the first step to understand as to how to bring about a positive transformation. But to do so requires the self to be connected to some higher source of inspiration and power. Irrespective of our differences, we all belong to one God Father, who is also the almighty one. The father of all the souls, He is also a divine universal point of light just like the soul, remembered in all faiths and religions. He is the unborn one, the ocean of knowledge, all virtues and powers, which He gifts to His children who connect to Him. By knowing Him, we can belong to Him and taste the sweet mellows of His unconditional love and eternal relationship of a parent and child, which recharges, purifies and transforms us.

The Supreme Soul is the almighty source of energy as a parent, a guide, a teacher, a preceptor, a best friend and companion in whatever one tries to do, so that one finds the perfect relationship to end the search for true peace, love, happiness and power. As one develops a perfect relationship of child and parent with the Supreme, all His supreme qualities and powers become one’s inheritance Then they are also able to see everyone as equal to them and as a child of the same parent, elevating the level of harmony and order in the world.

Father of all souls - shiv baba
Tree 02 1


Just like every family has a genealogical tree, commonly known as a family tree, this world family also has an interesting origin which is represented as a Human Tree- the family of souls who live upon this planet. The seed, which is the father of the tree is none other than God in this case. At the time of maturity of the old tree, the seed appears which can be used to plant a new tree. Similarly, when the world becomes old, iron age, then the living seed of this human tree- God Himself incarnates of this world stage to create a new human tree.

The first creation from the seed is the radicle, which matures into the roots. Thus the souls which come in direct contact of the seed and take spiritual sustenance from God, become the roots of this tree, which act as a strong spiritual foundation for ages to come. When the roots are strong enough to support the tree, the shoot emerges from the seed and takes the form of a single trunk. The trunk of this human tree is the Golden and Silver Ages in which the souls and nature are pure and elevated. This time is remembered as the era of paradise, which emerges from that perfect Seed – that golden era before recorded history, when there was unity of belief, culture, language and governance; that period of perfected civilisation, when there is no difference between the theory and practice of harmonious living. People in that era lack nothing and are totally fulfilled. As a tree grows, its trunk naturally expands in size. Similarly, the human population expands. With time, it is not just the tree that expands, but also the energy of the souls of silver age decline. With this, divinity departs and paradise is lost and the souls start looking for different support systems for the rest of their journey. As the unity of the trunk loses its integrity, minds begin to search for truth and hearts to long for comfort. The memory of God, the Seed, resurfaces from the depths of the human psyche. This intensifies the search for truth. In response, great prophet souls one by one make their entrances – Abraham, Buddha, Christ and Mohammed – respectively bringing messages of a return to righteousness, of mindfulness, of hope and forgiveness and of single-mindedness. Each prophet soul establishes the mighty branch of a great religion on the Human Family Tree. The ideals of law, enlightenment, love and surrender now manifest as major differences in approach.

In this ever-increasing differences and peacelessness, more and more people turn towards God. But not knowing who He really is or what He does, they are unable to find Him and so doubt in His very existence arises. The tree, which is also called Kalpa Tree as it narrates the story of whole kalpa of 5000 years before it reaches its limits of growth. Its roots are in a state of decay, its trunk barely visible amidst its jumbled tangle of sagging branches. Each soul hangs on helplessly, like a forlorn leaf on a twig of a wintry tree. But before old life dies, new life is given by the Seed, exactly as it happened at the advent of the existing tree.


World is a Stage and we all are Actors’. The World Drama is the story of human souls, our rise and fall, victory and defeat, happiness and suffering, wisdom and ignorance, freedom and bondage of karma. It is the story of a play of good and evil forces, and of the 4 different (spiritual) stages through which human souls and nature passes. It is the story of humanity on its dramatic journey through this eternal world cycle. It is indeed the greatest story ever told…

Just as other life processes are cyclic in nature, including the cycle of day and night, birth and death, so is this cycle of world clock or world drama. It crosses 4 stages of generation and degeneration- Golden, Silver, Copper and Iron Age. A cycle has no beginning and no end, but for understanding the cycle, we can take the time of highest energy as the start of the cycle and the time of lowest energy as its end. As the play begins, the first human souls, which are 16 celestial degrees complete with all virtues and powers, descend on this world stage. This time is the morning time or Satyug or Golden Age, in which everything- souls, matter, nature, ideas, relationships, state of health, is in its highest energy state. This is the perfect viceless world remembered as ‘heaven on Earth’, when deities walked on Earth. But anything created new does not remain new for ever. So, with a passage of 1250 years, there is a decrease of 2 degrees in the state of purity and overall state of energy of the world and the souls on it. Subsequently, more souls continue to descend on the stage in each scene and the story leads us to the advent of the noon time or Tretayug or Silver Age. Still radiant with divine virtues, souls (actors) are now increased significantly and their virtues have come to 14 degrees from 16 degrees in the Satyug. There are no vices in any soul yet. Souls are all pure and divine. But the degree of soul-conscious is now lesser, compared with that at the beginning of Satyug. After another 1250 years have passed, the souls gets trapped in the consciousness of body, with which it has played its part for 2500 years now. So, now the evening time of the world starts, in which darkness / ignorance starts taking its grip over the souls and the world at large. This is the Dwaparyug or Copper Age, in which the souls start feeling the need of some light and start to call out for God, who is the universal guiding light for all souls. Initially it was the incorporeal God who was worshipped, but not knowing who he really is, and mistaking themselves to be bodies and not souls, we start looking for God in other humans who were superior to us (deities). This marks the embarking of the souls on the path of devotion and the incarnation of religious preceptors or religious fathers who come as guiding lights when the sun sets. But the more we swtich on the lights, the more it indicates that it is getting darker outside. So after another 1250 years of Copper Age, we degrade and land into the night time or Kalyug or Iron Age. This is the age of complere darkness, vices, sorrow, differences leading to confusion, conflicts and wars. No degrees of purity remains in the souls now and the cycle is coming to its end. After 1250 years of Kalyug, this is now, the time again when God himself has to come and re-establish the true religion (dharma) once again, transform the world, and liberate all souls from the cycle. So, when the sun rises after the darkest phase of night, the morning starts again. This dawn of the cycle is the incognito Confluence Age.

Karma 2


Out of the many spiritual laws of nature, one of the most talked about law is the least understood. As per that law, what gives exactly as much as it takes? What goes around and comes around? What shows an effect but hides its cause? It is known as: KARMA. The law of karma states that whatever act we perform, creates a result of the same quality. The actions are the cause while the result is the effect. This result is nothing but our destiny. So, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that we are the creators of our own destiny. Although, it is said that the destiny is fixed, but we are the ones fixing it for ourselves right now. Once the action has been done, it cannot be undone and thus it becomes fixed, later.

But the philosophy of karma goes quite deeper than usually perceived. The karma done by us is attached to the soul and not the body as the body is just the costume. if we have created a karmic account with someone, even after we change our respective bodily dress, we still owe the account. Delaying the settling of the account will only increase the interest on the principal. Another guidance that we receive through the understanding of the Law of Karma is that whatever we wish to obtain for ourselves, let’s start giving it first. When we spread good vibes during the day, we feel great at day’s close. If you smile at someone, what are the chances that they will smile back at you, even if they don’t know you? Definitely higher. If we wait for others to greet us with a smile, we may end up waiting till the end. Understanding the Law of Karma, thus gives deep significance to concepts such as responsibility. Avoiding our responsibility may seem to be an easy way to do work now on one hand, but on the other hand, it will lead to our own loss in future.

Also, according to the law, whatever circumstances we are in at the moment – whoever or whatever is compelling us or repelling us and whatever we are experiencing – is the consequence of our own prior thoughts, decisions and actions. Having understood that whatever is happening is an output according to the input we gave into the formula of this law, and understanding what kind of input it was, we can accept whatever is happening in life with peace, and also accept people around us with their behaviour towards us. This makes our mind clear and calm and reinforces the faith in the justice of nature.


You may be more powerful than you realize. We all possess various inner powers, but they are often in a dormant state. In order to awaken these inner powers and start using them, the awareness that we have them and how to use them, is required. When these powers are understood and leveraged properly, you will actually achieve more in life; be it more wealth, harmony in relationships, to stay healthier and to heal a strained relationship. 

Power to Withdraw: Just like a tortoise who withdraws its organ under the shell, we can withdraw our senses from the materialistic world and situate ourselves in soul consciousness too.  This will give us power to perform more and we will be able to connect with our inner powers and virtues. This is also known as detachment

Power to Tolerate: It is the ability to respond to both external and internal events positively, yet not be affected by them. It is only possible when you are in charge of your real ‘self’.

Power to Discern: With the awareness of true self, we can develop the ability to discern the right course of action, and separate what is true from what is false.

Power to Judge: It is the ability to assess the quality of choices, decisions and actions to be made by yourself and others. 

Power to Accommodate: It is the ability to expand and accept the presence, ideas and emotions of others. When you learn to accommodate you make way for positive emotions and you are the one who is happy.

Power to Face: It is the ability to face and resolve external and internal obstacles, tests and challenges.

Power to Pack Up: Packing up means simply to stop thinking about it and to move on. So it is the power to be ever-ready to accept new things by putting a full stop to what is already over.

Power to Cooperate: It is the ability to give time, attention and share experience in the service of others and to work alongside them. 

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