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Spirituality – The Power to Change Society
Lal Krishna Advani
Change should always be for betterment
Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Firm Determination to Achieve Our Goal
N Chandra Babu Naidu
Brahma Kumaris – Million Minutes of Peace
Cassam Uteem
World Peace and Universal Brotherhood
Jeyraj Fernandopulle
Relevance of the Sufi Teachings Confirmed
Abdoulaye Deiye
Then I could listen to the voice of shanti(peace)…
Justice V. R. Krishna lyer
Raja Yoga Meditation – Solution to Crime and Corruption
Pratibha Patil
Knowledge and Science based on Spiritual Power will Rule the World
Rajiv Gandhi
Values, not Religion should Guide Politics
B. S. Ramoowalia
Brahmakumaris: An Institution with unique spiritual strength
God helps us through this institution
Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
To Transform – Encounter your own negativity
Diane Tillman
The Ultimate key is love
Dr. Robert Muller
Balance of mind and body is a must for success in life
Justice Ranganath Mishra
Spirituality Can Relieve Stress
Lt Gen.J.F.R.Jacob
My New Companion in The Journey Of Life
Enrique Simo
A Simple Formula to Establish Peace
Giani Zail Singh
Brahma Kumaris – A Great Inspiration for Promoting Peace And Spirituality
Shiela Dixit
Love for Mankind – Foundation of Peace, Harmony And Happiness
Dr. Harbans Lal
Experience of One Family
Jehan El Sadat
A Message Above the Differences Of Creed, Caste And Religion
The Brahma Kumaris Give Rise to a New Life Form
Dr. Deepak Chopra
The Practice Of ‘Om Shanti’ Stabilizes the Self in True Peace
V S Ramadevi
Silence Is More Powerful
Masaaki Tanaka
War Does Not Begin With Weapons But it Emanates From The Mind
P.V. Narasimha Rao
Respect for Values Essential in Administration
Justice K. Venkataswami
Understand the Essence of Religion
Shivraj Patil
The Practice Of ‘Om Shanti’ Stabilizes the Self in True Peace
Lt. Gen. B.K.N. Chhibber
Meditation – The Surest Way to Personality Development
H.E. Bro. Arvind Dave
Attain Universal Peace Through Spiritual Education
Utmost Need for Spiritual Re-awakening in Politics
K Yerran Naidu
Soul – Curing Teachings
Viren J. Shah
Success is the name – Brahma Kumaris
Justice A.S. Qureshi
Supreme Father Re-establishing Peace On Earth
Sarat Kumar Kar
Conserve the Noble Tradition of Indian Culture
Tapan Sikdar
Balance of Information Technology and Spirituality Needed
Dr. N. Shiv Prasad
Raja Yoga – Key for Social Harmony, Individual’s Peace And Bliss
Ram Chandra Panda
Every moment I experience magic
Ram Chandra Panda
Be light, Feel light & Enjoy life
Ram Chandra Panda
Break From Stressful Life
Ram Chandra Panda
I truly experienced that – I have come home
Ram Chandra Panda
Learning the art of Meditation for Inner peace
Ram Chandra Panda
Everything is just Moving meticulous
Ram Chandra Panda
Everybody is smiling and helping each other
Ram Chandra Panda
Sh Narendra Modi Ji
Ram Chandra Panda