Right from the grassroot initiatives to national projects and campaigns, our initiatives have served the villages, slums, children, women, youth, senior citizens, disaster affected individuals and societies, in the various areas. Explore more here.


Over the past more than 80 years of its presence the Brahma Kumaris have played a significant role in almost all spheres of human social life. It has not only worked for the children, youth, women, and senior citizens but has made positive contributions to the issues of environment, energy, women empowerment, health, value education, etc. It has also highlighted the issues like Peace, Values in the individuals and society, at the international forums also.

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Holistic Education

Value Education, Personality Development for Children, Life Skill Education, Professional Courses, Youth Empowerment, Corporate Workshops, National Integration, Road Safety, Interfaith Harmony


Rural Development

Sustainable Agriculture, Village Adoption, Plantation Project, Tribal Development, Farmer Empowerment, Slum Development


Good Health For All

Global Hospital, Values in Healthcare, Holistic Health Fairs, Blood Donation, Senior Citizens Care, De-Addiction Projects, CAD Program, Healthcare Education, Free Health Check-up Camps

Women empowerment

Women Empowerment

Women Leadership, Spiritual Empowerment, Social Support Programs, Health and Safety, Economic Empowerment, Conferences & Trainings


Disaster Management

Disaster Relief, Emotional Support, Emergency Training, Earthquake, Famine, Flood & Tsunami Relief, HAM Radio Mental Stress Relief Camp

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Services For Special Needs

Services in Jails, Services in Orphanages, Services in Juvenile Detention Centre, Cleanliness Initiatives, Development of Railway Station, Drinking-Water for All, Water Conservation Campaigns


Loving the Discarded & Neglected

Divyanagari Project


No doubt the concept of social service brings relief to the people suffering from one or the other social evil & ailment. The Brahma Kumaris consider all human beings as children of the same God Father and as such entitled to equal rights of a respectable living. For this purpose, we had initiated the ‘Divya-Nagri Project’, which is aimed at not just material and external change in living standards of the children and families of the poor, neglected people of the slums, but also a qualitative change in their approach and attitude and adoption of values and spiritual learning, which becomes an integral part of their working life.

The ‘Divya-Nagri Project’ attempts to bring qualitative reforms by practically educating them in cleanliness, education, adult literacy, skills training, educational excursions, celebrations of festivals, etc.

The Project is running successfully
in 21 cities of India

This project is gaining global attention and has attracted and inspired government organization (State Bank of India and Bank of Baroda), companies (CERA) and thousands of people in joining hands with this project and help us transform “a slum” into “a divine locality” (Divya Nagari). We invite you also to join us in this endeavor of helping mankind.

The Divya Nagari gives all to make their life healthy, informed and normally enjoyable

•Free Basic Education •Physical Health •Personal Hygiene & Cleanliness •Legal Counseling •De-addiction Service • Skill training in computer & spoken English •Personality Development Camps •Art & Culture: Singing, Dance with song, Mehandi, Stitching & Embroidery, Rangoli, Craft-work, Painting, Art of oratory skills, etc.


Swachhta Hi Sewa

Mahatma Gandhi had dreamt of his motherland not as just free from a foreign dominion but which must also be clean and developed. He wished every Indian to have a firm resolve “I will initiate the quest for cleanliness with myself, my family, my locality, my village, and my workplace.” The whole hearted dedication that is reflected in this resolve also finds its expression in what the Brahma Kumaris have been doing all these years.
The Brahma Kumaris believe that cleanliness begins not with one’s external surroundings but one needs to clean his/ her inner self. Purity is perhaps the most significant virtue and factor in the BK philosophy. In fact Brahma Kumaris concept has been quite comprehensive and it includes not just the purity of thought and cleanliness of one’s surroundings but it also promotes ecological biodiversity and uses holistic ways of controlling degradation of our soil. No wonder that their project of ‘Clean the Mind & Green the Earth’ has been so popular and effective both in cleanliness and maintaining ecological balance around.

The Swachhta Mission, re-launched as ‘Swachhta Hi Sewa’ on September 15, 2018, is not just a campaign but it is a Jan-Andolan – a Mission of each and every Indian which is taken as a call for freedom from the daily apathy and disease from the burden littered all around us. This is also the nation’s sincere homage to the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi

Rajyogini Dr. Dadi Janki Ji

Brand Ambassador of Swachh Bharat Mission

It is a matter of great pride that Rajyogini Dadi Janki Ji, the Former Chief Administrator of the Brahma Kumaris has been nominated as one of the Brand Ambassadors of Swachh Bharat Mission (Clean India Mission) in the Year 2015.

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Swatch 3

The Brahma Kumaris across the country have been cooperating with the local administration to keep their respective towns and cities clean and garbage-free. Till now institution has organized hundreds of Cleanliness involves around India. The key involves among these is cleanliness at Mount Abu, Abu Road & Nearby Places. The BKs have undertaken the responsibility of keeping the Abu Road Railway Station clean with facilities of proper signages, RO drinking water, Dustbins, etc. Now the place looks spic and span any time of the day.

Cleaning & Beautification of Nakki Lake, Mt. Abu

Power & Spirit of the Nation

Women Empowerment

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Women Leadership

In 1936, when women in the society did not enjoy equal status as men, Brahma Kumaris was the only organization that was led by women. It is noteworthy that since its inception, women are in-charge of the management and administration of the organization.

Women’s Wing of RERF
To mark the International Year of Women, Brahma Kumaris set up the Women’s Wing in 1986 to streamline all efforts focused on women empowerment under one banner. Since then, the Wing has undertaken numerous initiatives to help in personal & professional development of womenfolk from around the world.
Spiritual Empowerment

The spiritual teachings of the organization are a source of great inspiration and emotional well-being for millions of women around the globe today. Millions of women have benefited from practicing Rajyoga Meditation. A three day’s course ‘Values for Happy Family Life’ and special Rajyoga Meditation retreats are organized for women at all our centers to focus on their spiritual growth. A National Campaign for Women Empowerment was also launched in 2001 in 9 cities including Mumbai, Porbandar, Bengaluru, Allahabad, etc.

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Spirit 3

Women Health and Safety

The organization fights against female feticide and actively organizes awareness campaigns in rural and urban areas to sensitize the masses. Over 32,000 women participated in workshops, seminars, and rallies during our campaign to save girl children ”Be Bachao, Sashakt Banao” in different parts of the country in 2016. More than 1,45,000 women benefited from the 45 regional campaigns in 13 states organized under the National campaign ‘Nari Suraksha, Hamari Suraksha’ in 2014. The ‘Sashakt Neev’ campaign of 2015 along with other programs has been organized to spread awareness about women’s safety.

Energy that Energizes the Nation

Youth Empowerment

Youth Wing of RERF

The Youth Wing of RE&RF has undertaken the uphill task of providing platform to youth for world transformation by self-transformation. To achieve its objectives, the Youth Wing has prepared exhibitions and literature for Youth. It organizes youth training camps, festivals, conferences, seminars and cultural programs with the goal of developing a vice-less attitude, strong moral values, and a holistic personality.

Igniting Youths

Youth Wing is working towards personality development of millions of young people through awareness of positivity and Rajyoga education. Through the sustained support of the institution, we have transformed their lives and built their personality & character.

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National Projects

The Brahma Kumaris have been designing national projects to spread the message of positivity and the power of meditation to create a better world by awakening youth towards spirituality and values. The youth in the Brahma Kumaris have decided to disperse in all directions of our country to share their experiences and motivate all youths towards a value-based lifestyle.

National project

Global Youth Initiatives

Global youth 1
Choose, Change & Become
Spotlight values

Spotlight Values

Pause for peace

Pause for Peace

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Brahma Kumaris Youth at the UN

In 2007, Brahma Kumaris brought a small group of young BK women to New York to attend the annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) at UN Headquarters. Following the conference, these young women from India, Mexico, South Africa, UK, and USA were inspired to do something for women with the belief that true empowerment involves inner growth and development – changing our state of mind, more than our state of affairs – since the greatest limitations are the ones we put on ourselves.

Invest in Youth, Sustain the World - Commonwealth Youth Forum 2009

A delegation of five young adults from Brahma Kumaris was invited to facilitate and contribute to plenary and thematic workshops on Climate Change, Economic Growth, Sustainable Livelihoods, Youth Involvement in Decision Making and Peace Building. Brahma Kumaris was part of the youth committee the team that organized the youth section of the Parliament of the World’s Religions 2009, in Melbourne, Australia.
‘You First’ was the other project designed by young people to encourage individuals to get in touch with their positive potential, positive values, and practical expression. It is about relationships – my relationship with myself, and then my relationships with others.

Road Safety Awareness

Road safety

Since 2000 the Transport & Travel Wing of RE&RF has been doing a great service for road and rail users by organizing spiritual empowerment, educational, awareness, and training programs for people working in Railways, Roadways, Tourism, Automobiles, and allied sectors. This enhances their inner capabilities, brings positive change in their attitude, and develops professional skills while being on the drive. Safety on Road training programs is conducted not only for truckers or cabmen but for common people as well. Safe Life Exhibitions are organized for school and college students also. Live Skits, Short Video films, Safety Talks including Safety Pledge are some other forms of Road Safety. Participation in the UN World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims (WDR), Global Road Safety Week, etc. are other means adopted by the organization for creating road safety awareness.

Road safety 1
Safety Awareness campaign members ready to move for field service
Road safety 2
University Students taking the pledge to follow Road safety rules
Road safety 3
Truck drivers inspired to follow Road Safety Rules
Road safety 4

Eminent Road Safety Expert, Bro. Kawaljeet Soi being apprised of TTW ‘Safety Activities’ in India & Abroad

Rajyoga Sakaash Road Safety Project

This is a unique example of the effectiveness of Rajyoga meditation in practical life. Participants are trained to create powerful thoughts and do Rajyoga meditation with visualization of the selected accident-prone regions.

Methodology: Daily meditation by every participant at an individual’s place. Collective meditation once a week at the local Brahma Kumaris branch. Daily Chart filling by the participant as Done/Not Done on the basis of meditation. The data received from the police stations consisting of road accident casualties are compared.

Objectives: To minimize/eliminate road accident-related human deaths and injuries in the earmarked areas by spreading positive vibrations (positive vibes) through the application of meditation.

Results: Pilot study at Pimpri-Chinchwad (Pune) followed by experiments at Borivali, Gamdevi, Thane, Kalyan (Mah) & Navsari (Guj) showed a marked reduction in road fatalities. Consistency of results was noticed in all studies, indicating a reduction in accidents in the range of 18% to 36.7%.


Rising to the S.O.S Call

Services during Disasters


Serving the Needy

Services in Jails, Juvenile Detention Centers, Orphanages, etc.

Environment initiative

Environment Initiatives

Spirituality flourishes not just human nature, but also the nature we thrive on. Know more about our holistic approach to embrace environment and sustain Mother Earth.

Health ini min

Health Initiatives

A healthy mind stays in a healthy body. Learn the scientifically advanced measures and initiatives undertaken by the organization towards improving health of the society.

Education initiative

Education Initiatives

Learn what we do for holistic development of individuals at all levels through various self-developmental programs and courses to cope up with the challenges of day-to-day life.