Casa Sangam - Italy

One of Brahmakumaris Retreat Centre in Italy is “Casa Sangam” which means Casa = House and Sangam = meeting; it is a house to meet yourself, fellow spiritual seekers and God. It is a holistic retreat centre in the green heart of Umbria. The ideal place to experience Mindfulness, Yoga, Meditation, Silence, Healing, Walks in Nature, Tai Chi, Qi Kong, Coaching, Fitness, Dance Therapy, Feldenkrais, Pilates.

Casa Sangam is an old house dating back to 1200s. To respect the heritage and maintain the authenticity, the house was painstakingly restored in 1996, to its glory days using all the natural materials it was originally built from. Casa Sangam has always championed green initiatives like solar panels for central heating, photovoltaic for electricity and fire, using electricity saving bulbs, kitchen waste composting, organic farming and many more. Casa Sangam is part of a private owned family estate called Tenuta di Fassia. The estate has a stunning hill side views of medieval town of Gubbio and consists of 400 hectars of oak forests, sunflower fields, lakes, horses, wild animals like wild boar, deer, pheasant, hare, ducks and various species of birds. Overall, it is one of the best places to rediscover and reinvent yourself in the lap of nature.