LCOY 2022

A three day Youth conference just finished in Prabhu Sharanam Of Brahma Kumaris, Nadiad.
The organisers for this year’s LCOY India were three organizations, Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, Center for Environment Education and Enact Foundation. The chosen theme for LCOY India is Adaptation and Loss and Damage, keeping in focus the theme of COP 27.

The organisers carefully selected 110 participants from every region of India. The delegates were Students, young social entrepreneurs, environmental activists, educators, lawyers, engineers, professionals from health community, NGO founders, Farmers and Rural development leaders and many other fields.

The first day had its focus on Awareness and capacity building. The sessions had been created with the aim to bring everyone at the same level of understanding for the climate change and what it means when we focus our objectives on adaptation and loss and damage.

The second day was focused on youth led initiatives. Many youth delegates shared their stories of struggle and success with their environmental work. These stories sensitized the youth on how severe impacts of climate change is now clearly visible putting communities at great vulnerability. Also it built hope as all these young leaders have been able to transform lives with their efforts. The second half of the second day, was very interesting for two reasons. All LCOY delegates did plantation in two different places in Nadiad. The aim was to plant a memory in the heart of the people of Nadiad and also to carry it in their hearts. This also was necessary to compensate the carbon footprint generated by the cross country travel of the delegates by various means. After the plantations the delegates went on field trips to two locations to witness practical case studies of the subjects. Climate Smart School for farmers in the Tapovan Yogic Organic Farm, in Kambolaj near Anand was a case study for Adaptation in Climate Smart agriculture. This is a joint venture of NABARD, Farmbridge and the Brahma Kumaris.

While the second trip was to a village in galteshwer whereby Case study on Soil and water moisture conservation measures were being taken by FES.

In both field visits delegates got the chance to interact with the local community stakeholders and the field experts. This provided them with ground level understanding of various issues that are results of climate change.

On the third day, the delegates with their experiences now from the field trips dived into deeper discussions on what recommendations could be drafted to ensure better policies are being created to undertake these issues. Discussion were made on various different themes like water and agriculture, Governance and Finance, Education and Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Green jobs etc.

Finally all the delegates were able to submit their recommendations with plenary presentations. During this presence and inspiration from Mr.Sashi Kumar (IFS) (Forest Officer Baroda) was also well received.
Throughout the three days, Brahma Kumaris offered spiritual sustenance to the delegates through Accommodation, Satvic Food, Morning walks and meditations, and evening Mass meditation for mother nature. Delegates were deeply touched by the vibrations of the venue and the hosts and shared that for many this was a living changing experience. Meditation and it’s impact was beyond words for them to share.
The delegates also enjoyed traditional garba dance of Gujarat every evening.

Now, we hope to complete the Indian Youth Recommendations which will be submitted to the global COY scheduled to happen from 2nd to 4th November. Soon after these recommendations will be compiled into global voices of youth for parties to consider during their negotiations in COP 27.

We also hope to organize more such events in near future.