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Dadi (elder sister) Ishu was one of the genesis gems of the Brahma Kumaris organisation.  Dadi joined the organisation at a very young age.  Dadi Ishu’s honesty, faithfulness, simplicity and integrity were spotted by Brahma Baba due to which Dadi was given the responsibility of handling the correspondence and more importantly the finances of the organisation.

Dadi Ishu was the right-hand of Dadi Prakashmani, the then Chief Administrator of Brahma Kumaris and travelled with her throughout India and abroad spreading the Godly message.

Dadi Ishu served as the Joint-Chief and Treasurer of the organisation during her life-time. She was a silent effort maker both in spiritual and the literal sense of the word and was a self effacing serviceable instrument of the Almighty.

Dadi Ishu despite being reserved was very jolly at heart and had a childlike innocence.

Dadi attained her angelic stage on 06th May, 2021 and continues to inspire the new generation.

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Dadi Ishu Adi Ratan
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