10 do's and don'ts of meditation (part 2)

December 3, 2023

10 Do’s And Don’ts Of Meditation (Part 2)

  1. Experience Being A Soul And Seeing Other Souls In Action – An important foundation of meditation is soul consciousness, which is feeling and experiencing yourself as a soul, its form – a spiritual being of light and original qualities and also seeing other souls and their form and remembering their original qualities. The more we do that in action, the more our meditation is accurate and powerful.
  2. Imbibe Good Pure Habits Full Of Godliness – To connect with God in meditation, it’s important to be a good soul with a pure and divine mind and intellect and radiate godliness in every thought, word and action to others. The more we fill ourselves with these vibrations the entire day, the more we get attracted to God when we practice meditation.
  3. Eat Clean And Fresh Vegetarian Food Cooked In God’s Remembrance – A very important principle of spirituality is – As the food, so the mind, which means depending on the vibrations of the food we eat, our mind becomes full of that spiritual energy. That is why cooking and eating vegetarian food in God’s remembrance helps in meditation immensely.
  4. Have A Light And Early Dinner To Make Morning Meditation Beautiful – To make meditation in the morning beautiful, it’s important to eat early, eat right and eat light the night before. This will keep your mind, brain and body light and you will be able to travel to the higher spiritual world of peace – the soul world easily with your mind, without any physical force pulling you down.
  5. Sleep Well And For The Right Amount Of Time – Sleeping well and peacefully is a very important aspect of a spiritual lifestyle. Sleeping too less can make your brain heavy and body tired and sleeping too much can make you lazy. So, pack up all your thoughts and give all your burdens to God before sleeping to have good and dreamless sleep and wake up fresh for good meditation.

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