5 ways of being assertive in relationships

January 3, 2024

5 Ways Of Being Assertive In Relationships

  1. Put Your Point Across Peacefully And Respectfully – Often in different life situations we become angry when others do not agree with us and do not respect our opinion. We feel this is wrong and feel the urge to do something about that. We can share our opinion and also explain why that is beneficial in the situation, but without having any ego and with a lot of peace and respect.
  2. Make Sure The Other’s Feelings Are Not Hurt – Spirituality teaches us that being aggressive is against the goodness of human relationships and being assertive is not wrong if used in a correct way without giving pain to the other person and without dominating the other person’s feelings. So, assertiveness can be used wherever required and situations can be taken to their destination of success.
  3. Take Time To Give Your View, Do Not Be Judgmental – A very important spiritual dimension of relationships is to think before you speak because words once spoken do not come back and also once the other person has heard them they do not forget them. So being assertive is good but we shouldn’t misuse the power and make it a part of conversations in a positive way.
  4. Make God’s Love A Part Of Your Assertive Nature – Remember that assertiveness should be filled with God’s love and goodness. Only then it is effective. God’s love is important because it also fills us with spiritual love for the other soul and also makes us caring which is very important while being assertive. Also, the love in our heart ensures we are not blunt while being assertive but are very soft.
  5. Listen To The Other’s Opinion And Understand Them – In relationships, it is very important to listen and deeply realize what the other person is trying to say. Otherwise, assertiveness can be very wrongly used and affect relationships negatively. The more we listen to the other person’s heart’s voice, the more we will be able to satisfy them with our assertiveness and mutual understanding.

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