Be determined and positive at every step (part 1)

January 12, 2024

Be Determined And Positive At Every Step (Part 1)


A very important and influential aspect of our lives which we sometimes do not give adequate importance to, is how determined we remain at every step of our lives. Also, how we use that power of determination to conquer different types of obstacles. It is commonly said that – faith can move mountains and faith is nothing but a strong thought of determination at every step of your life, telling yourself that you will remain free from negative and unnecessary thoughts. Also, you will fill your mind with positive thoughts which are required in every situation, to overcome difficulties and achieve success in them. 

Determination means that no matter how strong the winds of different negative situations may be, remember that my stable internal state of mind is more powerful than the external situation. Also, if we remain strong, the situation will weaken and go away within a very short period of time. So it’s not about fighting the situation in different ways but it’s about changing the different scenes of the situation so that they become as per what you desire, with the help of your inner power. Very often situations are not as per our desires and we can keep fighting externally to bring them to what we want. Sometimes we may succeed and sometimes we may not, largely because our internal state of mind is not powerful enough and also the power of determination inside our minds is lacking. So, bringing yourself to a stage of power, which is not external power, but internal power or the power of the mind will make us free from the influence of difficult situations of varying intensity. Mental strength is superior to physical strength or the strength of our role or position which we might possess. The power of the mind can change problems in a short period of time and make them positive soon. 

                                                                              (To be continued tomorrow …)

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