Be determined and positive at every step (part 2)

January 13, 2024

Be Determined And Positive At Every Step (Part 2)


Determination is a power of the mind, which is present inside each one of us to some extent or the other and we all can increase it as much as we want. First, the realization needs to be there that I need to become determined and challenge my life’s negative situations or even improve my inner personality or become successful in every sphere of my life. Also, other objectives of life include – give love and keep good wishes for everyone or make my relationships more beautiful and full of peace, love and joy or make a good career or shape up my role in a positive manner. These are some of the different aims and objectives we may have at different stages of our life and the start to fulfilling these objectives, apart from doing something or the other on a physical level, is an internal thought and accompanied deep feeling of determination. 

Without determination, anything we do on an external level, we will not be able to achieve its desired aim and objective successfully. This is because the moment we begin our journey of fulfilling our aim, there could be an obstacle in our path and the moment we see the obstacle, we may not have the spiritual power to cross the obstacle. The spiritual power that needs to exist in our mind should be in the form of thoughts and feelings as well as an attitude full of hope, patience and of course, determination. So, the start has to be made in any purpose with our minds oriented very very consciously towards determination and then that determination should come into action. And this determination will then become the secret key for opening opportunities, which will lead you to your desired destination of success.

                                                                              (To be continued tomorrow …)

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