Being before doing

October 14, 2023


Being Before Doing

We are not human doings but human beings. Doing means remaining occupied, ticking off items from our tasks list, and working on things expected of us. In all this doing, we need to see how the being (state of mind) feels. Also, we believed that by doing, we experience the being. Doing doesn’t make us happy or successful. We need to be happy and then do. How we feel determines how much and how well we do. Paying attention to our being and bringing it into the doing gives us love and peace. Otherwise we feel hollow within, and to fill that vacuum we seek peace from vacations, happiness from things and love from people.

Every morning, prepare yourself to be happy, independent of what you are doing. By doing this, we are changing a deep belief of being happy only when doing that we like to do. Today to our to-do list, let’s add to-be and decide the state of our being – I remain patient at traffic jams, I respect people in all interactions, I remain happy and do every task, I radiate love to family and friends, I care for everything I use. Take care in the day to not use the line – I will be happy when … because you are already happy. Pause a few times in the day and repeat the affirmation I am happy while I am doing what I am doing.

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