Breaking the cycle of negative energy exchanges (part 3)

November 27, 2023

Breaking The Cycle Of Negative Energy Exchanges (Part 3)

A simple positive response in breaking the cycle of negative energy exchanges with another person is the deep inner realization that the other soul is at that point of time lacking in the treasures of peace and love. The foundation for the realization should be a humble consciousness. Very often this realization is based on an egoistic consciousness, which instead of cooling the situation can make it more volatile on a subtle level. So based on this realization is an inner reminder to the self of my duty at that point of time – serving the other soul with the infinite treasures of God’s love and peace.

So, pure donations at that time in the form of constructive positive and powerful thought vibrations for 5 minutes, once a day, does the work of a soothing balm of love and peace for the other person. Through this method, your feelings of lightness, contentment and goodwill reach the other person, with whom you have a problem. By doing that, these positive feelings transmitted to the other person pave the way for a realization inside the other person, of the negative that exists inside him or her. This negative is in the form of weaknesses and incorrect actions committed by the person, if any. The realization serves as a motivator for change. Also coming into contact with the other person with a cheerful face and colouring the other person with your enthusiastic company, a company full of the feelings of sweetness, happiness and contentment brings about transformation in the other. This is because our actions become teachers for the other and the other person becomes more humble and is inspired to become nice and positive. Also, donations in the form of humble and soft words, words that are few but valuable, help in bringing to an end the negative energy exchanges. Also, they win the blessings and good wishes of the other as well as people connected with the situation. 

                                             (To be continued tomorrow …)

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