Dealing with impatience

January 31, 2024

Dealing With Impatience


Between managing home, office, children’s classes, shopping, friendships, and other tasks, do you wish for time to tick as per your schedule? How do you feel whenever you need to wait for anything? Living in a world that expects instant gratification, our patience seems to be fading out. Impatience is more about our lack of self-control, than a lack of time. We want what we want, and we want it immediately. Racing to and fro from one task to another, and one thought to another – we are only adding to stress, aggression and pain. Running towards my goal is not worth leaving patience behind. Let’s learn to wait, trusting that everything is accurate, precisely happening when it is meant to. Patience with self, people and situations bring peace, compassion and acceptance. It also gives the power to handle life in the middle of challenges when we don’t deplete energy creating impatience, in other scenes. Practicing patience makes us confident and likeable. It is also a sign of royalty and dignity to wait rather than impulsively react. Remind yourself, I am patient in every scene today. I don’t hurry myself or others. I handle delays with an energy of ease.

Among the very valuable qualities you nurture, is patience one of them? How easy do you find to remain patient with people and situations on a daily basis, especially when they are not your way? We all exhibit different levels of patience but to practice it, we need to finish the obstacles that come in its way – mostly as irritation, anger, anxiety, fear, doubt or judgment. Even comparison and competition deplete patience. We routinely say – I am busy, I have no patience to hear you…I cannot wait for this traffic to clear… I can’t tolerate that music… If we don’t want to listen, wait, or persist, we give up our powers to tolerate, adjust or accept. The mind tries to control things which it cannot, and becomes restless. The body receives energy of turbulence from the mind and health suffers. Relationships become fragile. People are doing their best and situations are the way they are meant to be. This understanding creates compassion, kindness and respect. From today, prepare yourself to use patience in every scene, no matter what the day brings.

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